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Origin of Good and Mother to All

Sun Goddess of Nippon

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Name:天照 (Amaterasu)

Name: Amaterasu-Omikami, Okami Amaterasu, or Amaterasu
Various nicknames: Ammy, Ama, Madame Okami, Lady Ama... too many to list.
Age: Unknown (Time never stops even at rest)

Considered the Origin of Good and Mother to All in Nippon, Amaterasu is the Goddess of the Sun born from Izanagi-no-Okami's (or Izanagi-no-Mikoto's) left eye after his journey into Yomi. Her brothers are Tsukuyomi (sometimes spelled Tsukiyomi) and Susano-o (Susano-wo), both of which she later feuded with and banished.

She rules on the Higher Celestial Plain (Takamagahara) and acts as leading god and mother to millions of other deities while having her personal gods known as the 'Brush Gods'. Most commonly, Amaterasu will take the form of a wolf to observe the humans or do battle with demons, but in her current state, some powers and forms are locked away in her mind, forgotten after a century long slumber and weakened faith.

(Note: Amaterasu is played as a mix of Actual Mythology and Okami-verse, Gijinka and Animal)

Current game: [community profile] soul_campaign 

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bakugami, celestial brush, gekigami, hanagami, hasugami, issun, itegami, izanagi-no-mikoto, izanami-no-mikoto, kabegami, kasugami, kazegami, konohana sakuya, moegami, nuregami, okikurumi, sakigami, sun, susano-wo, tachigami, tsukiyomi, tsutagami, ushiwaka, yata no kagami, yomigami, yumigami
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